Reason for our solution.

``Blockchain technology streamlines the real estate ecosystem by enabling people to securely and efficiently share data and money. It makes information more accessible, cuts out middlemen and reduces the risk of fraud and theft. A more secure, speedier, trusted process for buying and selling property is good for everyone involved.``

Aaron Amacker, Global Vice President at Transportcoin Technology, investing and building companies in the Real Estate and Fintech sectors.``


what is Transportcoin Gold?

The TCG system has three primary elements:

1) The TCG contract platform – The contract platform consists of a template system that allows contract creators to create their own SMARTRealty smart contract that fits the needs of their specific transaction and complies with local statutes for their jurisdiction.

2) The TCG listing platforms – The TCG listing platforms will allow property owners to list their properties for rent or for sale, and will distribute these listings to many other popular real estate sale and rental sites all across the web.

3) TCG Tokens – TCG Tokens are the official token for use with TCG smart contracts. Payments can be made with any major currency (crypto and fiat), but will be automatically converted to TCG tokens so payments are properly recorded and tracked.

Statistics have listed our token as one of the fastest growing in 2020/2021

Guaranteed return 350% value growth by winter, 2021